Brenda Biondo: Sun to Earth

3 MAY - 21 JUNE 2024

Koslov Larsen is pleased to present Sun to Earth, the gallery’s third solo presentation by artist Brenda Biondo. Combining several series of Biondo’s works, Sun to Earth introduces new ways of looking at common subjects while challenging viewers' perception of color and three-dimensional space. The works explored throughout the show focus on atmospheric phenomena and other ephemeral components of the natural world. Unnatural (Texas Tumbleweeds) and Prairie Wheels study the interconnectedness of humans and flora, inspired by the iconic tumbleweed, an invasive species brought inadvertently to the United States in the 1870s by Eastern European settlers. Influenced heavily by James Turrell’s Skyspaces, Perceptual Skies emphasizes the limitless potential of light as a subject and the subjectivity of perception. Biondo states, “Using a visual language that deconstructs the sky portion of the landscape helps articulate questions about how we engage with our environment and the emotional and psychological effects natural light has on humans.” The images in the series follow the formal aesthetics of modern painting, particularly minimalism, while emphasizing the ambiguity between the real and the reproduced.


Sun to Earth will be on view at Koslov Larsen from May 3 – June 21, 2024.